Sunday, 8 January 2012

Recipe Journal

If you are anything like me I love to try new recipes. But when I find a recipe online, or a friend emails one to me. I can never seem to find something other than small random pieces of paper to write them down on. Not any more! Now I jot down recipes into my Recipe Journal. Then, only when I have tested the recipe can it make it onto a cute recipe card!

I took regular note books and simply cover them with scrapbook paper. Then I added some ribbon to the binding. The mini aprons are made from chipboard and covered with paper. Add a little ribbon to the top and VOILA! A cute little journal to have handy to the computer!

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  1. I love your blog and your recipe journal idea. I have a scrapbooking blog as well at Marciasscrapbooking I'd welcome some pointers, as well as any tips and tricks you'd like to post. I am new at the blog thing, so I could use some advice on the looks of it as well as the content. Thanks, Marcia Brown


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