Monday, 27 June 2011

June 29th Class Sample

Photo Size: Cropped 5x7
Circle Punches: 1", 1 1/4", 1 1/2"
Brown Ink

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Echo Park Inspiration~

I recently picked up the paper line "For the Record" from Echo Park. I love their use of dramatic colors which are so versatile for so many project and layout themes. Both sophisticated and funky, it just seems to fit my crafting style. So very inspired by their designs I thought I would post some of the projects I have created using "For the Record".

 Altered Watering Can-
Supplies Used:
Echo Park- For the Record- 
Picket Fence (both sides)
Vintage Linen (green pattern)
Apron Strings (multi color floral)
Element Stickers: Bird and white flower
Alphabet Stickers: Small black scallop border
                              12” black swirl border
White watering can
Black and white ribbon
Black ink
Pop Dots
Clear gems


  1. Measure the height of the body of your watering can. Cut a strip of the floral patterned paper 12 by the height. Starting from the handle, wrap around to the spout and mark where you need to punch a hole for the spout to come through. In my case a 1.5” circle punch worked perfectly. Adhere the paper to the can.  Add another section of the paper to completely wrap the can if needed.
  2. Add a half inch strip of pattern to the inside and outside of the handle. I also tied a piece of ribbon at the top of the handle.
  3. Adhere half inch strips around the spout of the can, starting at the top and working your way down. The base of my spout did take some finessing to get right. Add a small ribbon knot to the base of the spout.
  4. A 1.5” circle was added to the top of my spout.
  5. Cut a small rectangle from the green pattern. Adhere to the front of the can. The bird is attached on top of the rectangle. I popped up the head and the tail using 3D Pop Dots. I also added a gem to its eye.
  6. Take the white flower sticker and cut the petals in further, then shaped them and popped up 2 of the petals and adhered to the bottom of the green rectangle.
  7. Add the scalloped border to the top of the can. I added gems to the scalloped border.
  8. Add the swirl border to the inside of the can.

Take Note Memo Holder-

Supplies Used:
Echo Park- For the Record- 
Table Cloth (red polka dot)
Picket Fence (blue pattern)
Lace Stripes (yellow pattern)
Element Stickers: Leaf scroll, “Take Note”, 2 photo corners
                            Scallop border
Acrylic 5x7 frame
Black cardstock
Black ink
3x3 Yellow Post-It Notes
Black and white ribbon
Pop Dots


  1. Cut a piece of black cardstock to 5x7 and insert inside the frame.
  2. Cut a piece of the red polka dot pattern to 4.5x6.5. Adhere to the front of the frame.
  3. Cut a strip of the blue pattern to 4.5x2. Adhere to the bottom portion of the frame. Add the sticker scroll to the blue pattern.
  4. Mat the photo corner stickers in blue patterned paper adhere them in opposite corners above the bottom border.
  5. Tie your ribbon around the entire width of the frame, knotting it in front.
  6. Adhere the “Take” sticker to a black polka dot circle. Mat the “Note” sticker in black cardstock and then on a larger piece of yellow pattern. Adhere them both to the memo holder using 3D pop dots.
  7. Cut a piece of black cardstock just slightly larger than your post-it notes. Adhere the two together. Add the scallop border to the top of the post-its. Adhere the entire thing to the top of your memo holder.

Zeus- For the Record 12x12-

Supplies Used;
Echo Park- For the Record- 
Borders (ruler and yellow strip)
Advertisement (black polka dot)
Stamp of Approval (red pattern)
Fancy Floral (blue star)
Alpha bet Stickers; Scrabble Letters
Element Stickers: Flowers and “For the Record”
Black brads
30” of black ribbon
Pop Dots
1” circle punch
Black ink


***Entire layout is inked in black ink. Get out your 1” circle punch! J

  1. Cut the middle out of your red patterned paper. Go in about 1.5”.
  2. I used a template I already had to trace and cut out of the black polka dot pattern with scissors. Adhere this to a piece of white cardstock. Hand cut around the border again leaving a nice simple mat.
  3. Adhere these layers to the background red pattern.
  4. Adhere the yellow patterned strip to the bottom of the layout. Add black mini brads along the entire border.
  5. Cut 1” circles from your floral pattern, green pattern, red pattern, black polka dot pattern and the blue pattern. As well as your black and white cardstock. About  9 of each.
  6. Take a piece of cardstock (any color scrap) that is 2.5x12. Mark each half inch and draw lines as guides up the entire length of the strip. (4 lines)
  7. Now starting will the line of circles that are closest to the photo, randomly place your circles…note I did not use any black polka dot circles in this row, because they would have disappeared into the background.
  8. The next row you have to start with a half circle. I cut a black polka dot circle in half and placed one half at each end, then placed the rest of the circles. Repeat for 2 more rows.
  9. There are 4 rows of circles then, the open edge is covered by your ruler border strip. Mat the ruler in white cardstock and adhere to the border.
  10. Adhere your border the right hand side of the layout.
  11. Take your 1/8” circle punch, or Crop-A-Dial and punch holes on each inch line, and at the ends of the ruler.
  12. Starting at the top I taped the end of the ribbon in behind. Come up through the hole and wrap around behind, come up through the next hole and wrap around behind.  Similar to a blanket stitch. Continue this the entire length and then back up again. On the way back up it will create the rest of the zigzag pattern. Tape the end of the ribbon behind when you finish.
  13. The remaining black ribbon is tied in a knot at the same level as the border strip at the bottom.
  14. My photo is a 5x7 and it is matted in white cardstock. Cut a piece of red pattern that is about5.75x7.75. Add a strip of blue pattern near the bottom of the red. Adhere your matted photo to the red layer using 3D pop dots. Add 2 colored triangles under the top left hand corner of the bottom layer. Adhere all layers to the layout.
  15. Mat your scrabble alphabet letters in green patterned paper and adhere up the side of the matted photo.
  16. Mat the “For the Record” sticker in blue patterned paper and adhere to the layout using 3D pop dots. Slightly overlap it onto the photo.
  17. Cut leaves from your green patterned paper. Adhere them as well as the large white flower sticker to the bottom of the layout.
  18. Take the green flower sticker and cut it into 4 larger petals. Mold the petals slightly and place 3D pop dots at the end of each petal. Adhere on top of the white flower. The middle of the flower flat to the white flower and the ends of the petals popped up. Add a black polka circle to the middle of the flower.

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Loving Life

This simple little project is made from products that you crafters probably already have around the house.
Patterned Paper
Coordinating Cardstock

Add a little paint and some ink to age the torn cardboard and you have a beautiful home decor accent.

MMmmMMMmmMMmm Biscuits

Along with crafting I love to bake!!
If you love a good biscuit, try out this recipe.

Momma's Biscuits:

2 Cups Flour
5 tsp Baking Powder
1 tsp Salt
2 tbsp Sugar
*** Mix the ingredients above
1/4 Cup Margarine
*** Cut in the margarine
1 Cup Milk
*** Add milk, mix and knead (10-20 times) This is when you would add the cheese if you like cheese biscuits. Pat out by hand on a floured surface and cut out your biscuits using a floured glass.

Preheat Oven to 425
Bake for 15 minutes

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Yarn Wreath

This is wreath that I made recently. I was inspired by the website Turns out it wasn't that hard. A foam wreath form from Michael's yarn that matched the felt flowers I already had from Felt Works, and VIOLA!

Let's start blogging!

This is my very first blog post. I am looking forward to sharing my creativity with all of you in the future.