Friday, 6 January 2012

The Man Bouquet!

What to you get for the guy that seems to have everything? This year I decided to make something for two of my best guy friends. I knew what they liked to do. I also knew that they both had most everything they would need to do those things. So here it is.....the man bouquet. Filled with little goodies to suit each guy!

I started with the pre made gift boxes and found styrofoam balls that fit in the bottom. Hot glued them in. Them I attached most of the goodies to wooden skewers using duct tape.
The golf tees I just stuck into smaller styrofoam balls to make them look a little like flowers.
Each sprig is then stuck into the base. The gift boxes I used were tall so I could fit some other goodies in as well. Add a little ribbon to the bottom and VOILA!

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  1. I bet the guys were thrilled with these. You are so creative Tracy xoxo


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