Friday, 6 January 2012

Letters, Letters and More Letters!

Just a couple more!


  1. I have a B and she loves princesses (Disney). Do you know where I will find smaller Disney princess patterns? The only ones I can find are the ones with the single, very large princess in the bottom corner. Boo

  2. Do you sell your things? I have a daughter named Averie and would love to buy the piece you created1

  3. I do create for others all the time. Were you looking to have just the letter A done like the one on my blog? Or her whole name?
    Each letter would probably cost about $15. But if I do just the one letter, I usually make it a little fancier, so the one would be $20.

  4. I love the one you actually have in the picture! Could you maybe email me directly and we can figure it out? Thanks so much!


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