Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Christmas Keepsake Ornament~

Our Christmas tree is filled with ornaments that mean something to us, as well as ones that are just plain pretty. One of Sean's Christmas gifts this year was an ornament I made to remember our first Christmas in this home. I got the inspiration from one that I saw on Pinterest.
So I took our front door key and had one cut in brass. Then I simply added some ribbon, one tag that said "Our Home" and the year on the back. Another tag to say the address of our home.
This a tradition that I will keep up, no matter how many times we may move in our lives. Then every year when decorating the tree, we will remember where we have been.


  1. What a great idea beautiful tree too .Would love to meet you sometime . I live in Port Hawkesbury and do come to sydney often . Please visit me on my blog.http://craftsbeyond.blogspot.com/

  2. Hi, Tracy!

    I really appreciated you comments to my blog! I have been sick for two or three weeks and finally back to blogging and working. Great Christmas pics! I love the keepsake ornament idea! Feel free to join my blog and comment and leave more ideas. Thanks! Happy Valentine's Day!


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