Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Decorative Mason Jar Tutorial~

Today I'm sharing a quick and easy way to decorate a simple mason jar in order to make it a beautiful addition to your home or craftroom's decor.

Over the summer I picked up a grab bag of oh so pretty mini spools of colourful thread, from one of my favourite thrift stores. I could picture it at the time....having them displayed in my craft room in a pretty decorative jar.
So this afternoon I made that thought a reality.

So, I plugged in my hot glue gun and cut all of my pieces of ribbon and fabric to the right length to fit around the neck of the jar.
I attached the rouged fabric from the Curtsey Boutique first.
Then I attached the Woven Burlap ribbon from May Arts.
The String Bead Ribbon from May Arts was added last, to keep it in place I used the hot glue to tack it in a few places around the jar.

Then your jar is ready for other embellishments. I attached the felt butterfly and rose from the Curtsey Boutique.

How pretty are those spools of thread!?!

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