Thursday, 12 June 2014

Thank You Sydney~

Today I share a more personal blog post. I don't do this often, however we are about to start a new chapter in our lives and are leaving Sydney in just a few days. So this is a post dedicated to everything that we have loved and will miss about our Cape Breton home.
It's easy to say the beautiful Cape Breton landscapes or the easy going culture,
but these are the day to day things that we will truly miss.

First is our sweet and cozy little home. If we could take it with us we would.

Probably my favourite place, would be sitting on our front porch in the evening sun.

Our neighbourhood could not have been better with it's quiet, large tree lined streets.

Another favourite spot is the new Open Hearth Park here in the North End of Sydney.
We got the most use out of their off leash dog park.
This is Kya's favourite spot.

Another North End gem is Master Meats, our local butcher shop. Great prices and superb quality.

A diamond in the rough, is this Dollar Store in "the Pier". You could find all sorts of great little treasures here.

Fuzzy's Fries! This funky little chip wagon has a close second to my favourite place in Smiths Falls, Ontario....Tin Lizzy's.

Our usual grocery store. There is not a No Frills in the Truro area.

Music has been a huge part of our lives in Sydney. Sean and I have had so many great opportunities to play in our time here.
One of which was one of my lifetime musical highlights, playing in the pit band for Les Mis at the Savoy.

Other musicals that we have been involved with were Chicago (below), Oklaholma, Anything Goes, Annie, Oliver and My Fair Lady.

We also had the privilege of playing with the Cape Breton Orchestra.

Sean was the co-conductor and I played in the Second Wind Community Band. A friendly and hard working group of musicians.

Second Wind presented Sean and I with this beautiful Kenny Boone print as a Thank You and Farewell gift. We will forever cherish it.

I marched in a parade for the first time with Cape Breton Brass, a group that Sean had been a member of for a number of years. I will fully admit that I do not love marching, but so glad I was given the opportunity to try. I also met some pretty fabulous people and had some pretty fun evenings.

With music, always brings friendships. These are friendships that will last a lifetime. Whether you see each other weekly or once a year, our musical friendships are ones that I cherish and will stand the test of time.
Here are a few of our musical family.

Then last, but not scrapbooking family.
These ladies never ceased to put a smile on my face every week!
We had Connie~ sweet and mothering (always forgets to ink that last thing, and never has a bag), Shelley~ thoughtful and funny (has an amazing collection of flowers)
Elena~ Super Mom, creative and loving (can come up with a page title for almost anything, and is the party planner)
Liz~ funny and a conversationalist (Liz is the one person that is louder than I am in the room and supplies us with numerous caching containers)
Linda~ sassy and hilarious (Linda is Liz's sister and I love watching them fight)
Nancy~ strong and the leader (I love Nancy's passion and strength. She adores her family)

Tanya~ crazy fun with a great sense of humour (Tanya is always the bad one at crops)
Janice~ Another Super Mom who has a very similar sense of humour to she's hilarious.
(she has the largest collection of trimmers known to man and does not like Kahlua)

A huge Thank You to everyone who has been a part of our lives here in Sydney. I am sure our paths will cross again!
We really have met some truly amazing people.


  1. We are sure gonna miss you too, Tracy. You had better come back and visit us from time to time... love ya girlfriend! :)

  2. you sure know had to make me cry ,I am so sad to see you go but I'm thrilled for you and Sean only wish the best for you guys We will see you again and maybe I'll get to a crop some time in your area. Lots of love


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