Thursday, 29 October 2015

I am Thankful for "Tracy" Writing~

From a very young age I have LOVED to draw, doodle, play with my writing and making different fonts. Over those year I developed MY personal printing style.
In my paper crafting circles they call it "Tracy Writing". Which really is the best name to call it, as it's just a fancy version of my own printing.
At crops and classes, time and time again I'm asked to do writing on people's layouts and cards. Because I've done it SO long, it comes out quickly and easily for me. a dressed up version of "Tracy Writing".

Below is a sample of my regular printing.

Then I drew around that simple printing, to show how "Tracy Writing" is formed.

I use my own writing on scrapbook layout s often. Dressed up or dressed down, I think it's important to journal on scrapbook layouts. It's a personal signature of the people creating the layouts. Sure, stickers or typed journal blocks seem easier or sometimes cleaner looking, but has very little personality.

In journaling and handwriting classes that I have taught in the past, I have tried to come up with new concepts on incorporating handwriting into layouts easily.
Which is welcomed, but probably the best advice I have ever given in classes are these simple few steps.
  1. Find tools that work best for you. It is important to find pens or markers that feel good in your hand. If the tool that you are using feels good, then the work that you create will show that.
  2. Practice, truly does make perfect. I wasn't born writing like this, no one is. This comes from YEARS of doodling in school books, making fancy grocery lists and writing letters in old english calligraphy to my aunt on a weekly basis (true story). Take every moment you can to practice, and it will get better.
  3. RELAX! If you are stressed out about making a mistake as you are about to write...then it is not going to work out well in the end. Picture being stressed, your hand is tensed up and you are holding that pen with something like a vulcan death grip. How is that supposed to turn into beautiful flowing handwriting? It's not. Loosen up that grip, and just go for it. If you make a mistake, it's not the end of the world....just try again.

Writing, calligraphy and doodling has been a passion of mine from before I can remember. I took that into my paper crafting world.

Thanks so much for stopping by and I hope that one day you can give handwriting a chance in your own paper crafting!

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