Friday, 30 October 2015

Autumn Page Title & Font Ideas~

I love to play with fonts and colours, so I thought I would share some title and font ideas for the season.

For my first example I used a white opaque marker to create this spooky calligraphy title. Then using the fine tip white opaque pen to add some little details as well as the spider webs in the corners. I love the look of chalk or opaque pens and markers on dark cardstock.

My second "Autumn" sample is created using 2 brush tipped markers. By simply pressing the end of the brush tip, kind of like a stamp you can create that teardrop shape over and over. It's a nice leafy organic shape, so I used that to create this entire title. I added the second colour in just a few spots.

My third "Fall" title is just a simple fun doodle title. Creating a wide letter gives lots of room to fill with all sorts of doodles for any occasion. Of course for Fall, I chose cute little leaves.
Then I filled in with lots of fall coloured brush tip pens.

Finally, "Happy Haunting". A mix of fine tip pens and pops of brush tip colour creates this fun little title. Mixing fonts in a title also adds great interest for the eye.

Thanks so much for stopping by! Remember, if you don't have the right stickers for that seasonal can just make it yourself!

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