Friday, 25 January 2013

Photographic Revolution Tip #4~


Who doesn't love a good sunset photo? I will be the first to admit that I have never taken a photo of the sunrise. But the same rules will apply whether you are shooting a sunrise or sunset. Taking a beautiful sunset photo is relatively easy, there are just a couple of simple tips to do so.

The first tip is to turn off your flash. Your camera will want to automatically have it on, as the light is low. But you do not need it. With the flash on, your camera will be using it's light meter for the area within the flashes range, your sunset will turn out very dark, and random objects in the foreground will be lit by the flash.  With your flash being turned off, you will need to make sure that you are very still. Second, I generally get the camera to focus on the horizon. However if you have a focal point closer to you then you will want to focus on that.

My first sample photo is that of a sunset at Cavendish Beach, PEI. I don't really have a focal point, but I did get low to the ground (changing my perspective), so that I could see some of the footprints in the sand.

The next 3 images show sunset images that have a focal point in the foreground. Having your flash turned off creates a silhouetted image in the foreground of your sunset. It can make for some very striking images.

My final image is again at Cavendish Beach, PEI. Again I changed my perspective by getting down low and actually getting wet from the waves that I was trying to get in the image. Shooting a sunset with water of any sort always creates so much more interest to the eye. The reflective surface acts as a mirror, doubling the amount of light and colour.

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