Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Sticky Situation~

Do you make your own glue dots? No?!? Well I think you should try it. The ladies at The Cutting Garden showed me this little trick and I haven't looked back since. All you need is a bottle of Tack-It Over & Over, available at The Cutting Garden and non stick sheets to make the dots on. I used the backing from two 8.5x11 sticker sheets I had laying around, one as the top sheet and the other as the bottom that you create the dots on.

All I do is make my lines of dots in whatever size I want or need. Then I leave that out to dry over night, or until the glue has dried clear. Then I place my top sheet over the dots to keep them safe.
Easy as that!
I picked up my bottle of Tack-It Over & Over about 2 years ago now and I have made thousands of glue dots so far, all shapes and sizes. My bottle is still half full!

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