Monday, 3 June 2013

A Year Has Flown By~

It is so hard to believe that it has only been a year since the day that we picked Kya up from her foster home in Halifax through the Atlantic Small Dog Rescue. She has added so much to our family, that it seems like she has always been here by our sides. The happiness that she adds to our lives on a daily basis with her antics and sweet face is priceless!

It was the Sunday immediately after marching in the Apple Blossom Parade last year, that we arranged to pick her up outside of Halifax. We then made our way to Pictou County to get our engagement photos taken by Christine of WonkyEye Photography. When we arrived Christine's sweet rescue dog Paddie was so excited to have a friend to play with. Christine and Dave have a large beautiful property in the country, she ensured us that Paddie would never lead Kya to harm. So we let Kya out of the car to run and play while we had our photos taken. The photo below is one of 2 photos that Christine got of Kya, during a quick pit stop. Then she was off again to play. Our first family photo!

Soon enough after that it was summer time, which meant her first trip to PEI to visit her Nanny and Poppy. She put them to the test the first evening we were there by eating the arm of their couch in the sun porch while we popped out for supper just up the street. But since then she has been spoiled, always getting little pieces of meat from Nanny and playing fetch in the back yard with Poppy.

When in PEI, we LOVE going to the beach! So this year we were sure to find all the dog friendly beaches for the whole family. Blooming Point beach is a favorite so far. We soon found out that she loves to dig in the sand.

This photo makes me laugh every time. Both the look on her face and my photography skills. She LOVES the water, and will try to swim whether it's in the ocean, a lake, a pond or a puddle.

We had a good deal of beach time last summer, and we're looking forward to the same this year.

As a family we also started a new hobby last summer, geocaching. Kya loves it too! We find our hidden treasures and Kya always finds sticks!

Kya, soaking up the cuddles from Margaret at Masstown Market.

We were back and forth on the ferry last summer about 10 times if I remember correctly. Kya became a pro.

Soon after Kya came home with us we realized just how far her love of water would take her. If you are not careful she WILL get in the shower with you. Which also makes it easy to bath her when she does need it.

A snapshot I took while decorating the Christmas tree. She always keeps an eye on what we do, rarely are we out of her sight. so when I needed to lay the lights down to test them...she was on the couch next to the plug. She wasn't bothered in the least.

Turns out she loves the snow almost as much as she loves the water. She could be a professional snow catcher.

We could not thank the Atlantic Small Dog Rescue enough for all that they do to find forever homes for all the sweet animals that come their way big AND small. Our family is forever changed for the better.

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  1. Very nice pictures Tracy. She is too cute!

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