Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Journey of My Art Journal: Getting Started~

I have wanted to start an art journal for some time, it was something that definitely sparked my interest. I had walked by this exact Art Journal for months at The Cutting Garden, but the weekend of the Spring Gadget Girls Retreat I finally gave in.

Before papercrafting I loved to draw, doodle and paint. I miss it from time to time.
So far, it has been exactly what I wanted it to be, another creative outlet.

I wasn't exactly sure how to start my journal. So I went back to what I was comfortable with back in the day, and that was a black art pen.
That is more than likely how these pages will stay. My plan is to copy the pages and colour them when I feel like it. Like an adult colouring book.

My first page, I went a little doodle crazy. But I still love it!

Second was a little bit of East Coast love, and the S.S. McLennon.

Each page I draw is a new favourite.

Then my first double page. A quote that I will now continue to repeat until there is NOT 5 feet of snow in the yard.
I'm sure like everything my pages will evolve and incorporate different mediums, but for now I am loving it!
Thanks for stopping by, and seeing those first few pages in my Art Journal.


  1. Stunning Tracy! I love all of them! What a beautiful journal! :D <3

  2. This is so beautiful Tracy! You are so very talented! I can't wait to see how you progress <3

  3. wow! these are awesome Tracy!!!


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