Monday, 18 March 2013

Simple and Elegant Invite~

I was asked to create wedding invitations for a friend of Sean's family. When I met the bride and groom, they were up for almost anything. What they did know is that they liked blues for the colors and the bride LOVES whales. It took me a little while to come up with something to incorporate anything whale into a bridal invite without it looking like a child's birthday invite with a the whale spouting water.

So here is where it started for me. I wanted an image of a whale's tail. I looked up images of different tails and sketched some. Once I found the image I wanted to use, I created a template.

Then using sponges and ink I started to add color. Almost like silk screening, I added one color at a time. In this case I started with the darker color first. I used pigment inks, so they react a little more like paint when you mix colors.

Then I added the lighter blue. When they mix, it gives an almost watercolor look.

Final image when matted and ready for delivery. The final product looked simple and elegant.

The inks I used were:
Light Blue~ "Ice Blue" from the Misty Meadow, Color Box Cat's Eye Collection
Dark Blue~ "Blue Iris" from the Chocolates & Blueberries Color Box Cat's Eye Collection

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