Friday, 22 June 2012

Meet Miss Kya~

Sean and I recently adopted a sweet little dog from the Atlantic Small Dog Rescue. So I thought it was about time to do a little blog post dedicated to her and our life so far with her.

Her name that she came with was Keira. Which is a pretty name, however we thought it was just a little too close to our wonderful sister-in-law's name Kiara. So we shortened it slightly to Kya. Any movie nerds out there may have remembered the name from the movie Willow. In this fantasy classic, Willow's wife's name was Kya. I've loved the name ever since.

So here are a few things that we have learned since Kya became a part of our family.

1. She loves water of any type. So much so that if you do not close the door to the bathroom when you have a shower, she WILL be at your feet in the shower with you. This has happened twice now. At the same time  when you actually need her to get in the bath for a little cleaning, she jumps right in!

2. She loves the car. She sleeps the majority of longs trips. Perfect for us.

3. She is so sweet and cuddly!

4. She loves to be brushed.

5. She does not like the sound of a whoopee cushion or a didgeridoo.

6. She loves everyone and everything. One of her favorite people would be Elena's baby girl Sarah.

7. She barks at motorcycles.

8. Her favorite spot in the house is the window by the stairs where she can see our neighbor....another of her favorite people.

9. We're not sure of her heritage. All we know is that there is some terrier in there. Plus a little something else that gave her one gorgeous blue eye.

10. She loves to nap right on top of Sean on the couch.

We are so lucky to have her!

This photo was taken the day we picked her up from her foster home. So lucky to have this photo! Especially since she was busy running around with our friend and photographer's dog Paddie, also a beautiful rescue pup!

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  1. Welcome Kya! So cute Tracy, hope she brings you years of company in the shower lol

  2. Don't know how I missed this blog post - but we love Kya too :)


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